Facilitated Individualized Education Program (FIEP)

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    Facilitated IEP (FIEP)


    Evans County School System is proud to announce its partnership with Georgia Department of Education. We are one of nineteen school systems opting into this program.  FIEP is an optional collaborative dispute prevention and resolution process agreed upon by the parent and the Evans County School System.  A facilitated IEP Team meeting is the same as any other IEP Team meeting with the exception that a facilitator joins the meeting.  The IEP facilitator is a neutral third party that helps with communication and problem solving during an IEP Team meeting.  The facilitator will keep the IEP Team focused on the student and development of the IEP, and does not make decisions about the student’s IEP. 

    For more information on FIEP:

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    For questions or additional information, please contact:


    Tracey Bardak

    Evans County School System

    Director of Special Education

    613 West Main Street

    Claxton, Georgia 30417



    Georgia Department of Education

    Jamila C. Pollard

    Program Manager/

    Legal Officer

    Dispute Resolution

    Division for Special Education Services and Supports

    Office: (404) 657-7329