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    Dr. Martin G. Waters

    Letter from the Superintendent

    Evans County School District Family: 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!
    Whether you are a returning or new to the Evans County Schools, we warmly welcome you to this school year. We are proud of the efforts of our students and staff and we know there is still work to do in improving learning for ALL students. Among the success of 2018-2019:

    I am pleased to provide for you an update on our strategic plan. Beginning in 2016 we met collaboratively with numerous community partners to develop a 5 year strategic plan to guide our district improvement process. The Board of Education communicated a strong desire to put students’ needs first while maximizing resources to benefit our community. Four goals were developed to guide our work:

    1. Increase the percentage of graduates to be equal to or exceeding the district graduation goal, with 100% of graduates prepared to be successful in post-secondary learning and/or employment.

    •  Ensure implementation of a guaranteed and viable curriculum (GVC)
    •   Strengthen RtI supports and interventions
    •   Implement a comprehensive and fully aligned K-12 guidance plan

    2. Close 5% of the gap between the CCRPI baseline score and 100 annually

    • Establish highly functioning PLCs
    •  Establish SIP action steps to ensure 100% of students are meeting typical or high growth
    • Establish a standards-based measuring and monitoring system for student achievement

    3. Increase our stakeholder engagement

    • Optimize human resources
    • Improve parent communications
    • Improve school climate ratings and support services 

    4. Optimize our resources

    • Maximize flexibility and support within a balanced budget
    • Provide safe and functional facilities which support instruction
    • Improve operational efficiencies

    We are now beginning our 3rd year of implementation, with success our main goal.


    Dr. Martin G. Waters, Ed.D.


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