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    Test Security Plan



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    The Evans County School System conducts the assessment program as required by federal and state law. All roles and responsibilities outlined in the Student Assessment Handbook (SAH) are incorporated into the Evans County School System Test Security Plan at the system and school levels. The SAH, provided by the GaDOE, serves as the guiding principle for all test administration.   The Superintendent assigns a System Assessment Director who coordinates all test administration activities within the school system. Principals at each school designate a School Test Coordinator who holds a PSC-issued certificate to oversee all school administration activities. Detailed test security procedures are available for review in the System Assessment Director’s office. 


    A.  Communication


    1.  The Evans County School System Test Security Plan is posted on the system’s website.

    2.  A notice is placed in The Claxton Enterprise making the parents/stakeholders aware of the posting of the Evans County School System Test Security Plan

    3.   Letters are sent home to parents/guardians with each student making them aware of the existence of the Test Security Plan and offering copies upon request. 

    4.  Copies of the roles and responsibilities are distributed to the Superintendent, System Assessment Director, Special Education Coordinator, Title III/ESOL Coordinator, Principals, and School Test Coordinators to ensure successful implementation of the statewide student assessment program. Documentation of receipt of this document is stored in the System Assessment Director’s vault. 


    B.  Local Training


    1.  Each school employee completes test security training.  A sign-in sheet is stored in the System Assessment Director’s vault to verify proper training of all staff.

    2.  Prior to each testing session, STCs and principals prepare testing rosters and secure test examiners.  STCs will hold a brief orientation for all examiners and proctors.  Available examiner’s manuals as well as GaDOE updates on each test administration will be used as a reference/resource by STCs.  Documentation of each orientation session is maintained by each STC. 


    C.  Receipt, Verification, and Distribution of Test Materials


    1.  The System Assessment Director receives and inventories all test materials.

    2.  The System Assessment Director distributes materials to the School Test Coordinator, who verifies the count and stores the materials in a secure location at the school.

    3. Test materials stored at schools are secured in a locked, restricted-access location.

    4.  Examiners must check out materials from the STC on the day of the test and must return materials to the STC immediately after the test.  ExaminersMUST verify the count of  materials BEFORE releasing students fromthe testing session.  STCs must count materials returned from examinersupon return.  Discrepancies must be resolved immediately.                            

    5.  STCs maintain records related to materials assigned to each test examiner.


    D.  Special Populations

    1. Students are identified for GAA and ACCESS for ELLs by the Special Education Director and EL teachers. 

    2. Accommodations are provided by the Special Education and EL teachers. The STC  ensures that appropriate and accurate accommodations are provided for each individual test.