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Needs Assessment Survey


Dear Employers In And Around Evans County:


We are asking you to complete an online needs assessment about your organization’s current and future employment needs. Your answers will drive our planning for a regional college and career academy that will partner with multiple school systems, colleges, and all interested public and private employers.


The following are the most frequently asked questions by respondents before they complete the survey. Please direct any specific questions you have anytime, before or after you complete this survey, to our consultant:


Russ Moore/Seamless Education Associates, Inc.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we and what is our mission?


Our partnership is planning a regional College and Career Academy (CCA) to ensure you have access to a viable workforce in Evans County and our regional neighbors. The following organizations in our community are working together, have formed a Steering Committee with subcommittees to oversee planning, and are asking for your help: Evans County Schools, Ogeechee Technical College, Georgia Southern University, East Georgia State College, Coastal Plains Education Charter High School, Claxton-Evans County Chamber of Commerce, Claxton-Evans County Economic Development Authority, Evans County Family Collaborative, and several local governments, nonprofits and churches.


What is the purpose of this survey?


Your confidential answers will help define gaps between the skills your operations require to remain competitive and the skills being taught in our schools and colleges today - information critical to help us design the curriculum offerings of a College and Career Academy to serve the Evans Region.


What is a College and Career Academy?


A College and Career Academy is a school run as a nonprofit corporation that creates a flexible, adaptable curriculum to ensure that students are prepared for the jobs in your business now and in the future. Some students will be ready to enter the world of work directly upon high school graduation, some will earn college credit while they are still in high school, and others will continue to earn college degrees - but all will be ready for a job they have chosen to pursue. More than 70 counties in Georgia are already providing a more competitive workforce by taking advantage of this type academy for high school students.


How can a College and Career Academy help local employers?


You need quality employees that have a strong work ethic and technical skill levels that match the jobs in your company. Your answers will drive our curriculum development, making it much more likely that your future applicants come to you ready to work! With your help, we should increase the quality of your applicant pool and reduce your time and cost to train employees.


Who will see our information?


All responses are confidential; the firm collecting the data will compile the results. No company-specific information will be reported, and only aggregated data (by job title and by employment sector) will be published.


How long will it take me to complete the survey?


The amount of time required will vary based upon organization size. We can send you a copy of the survey before you take it (or you can just navigate through it) to see what data we'll be asking for.  Once you start filling it out, if you need to stop before completing the survey, you may continue later from where you stopped. 



Thank you!


Evans Region College and Career Academy Partnership


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