Letter from the Superintendent


Dr. Martin G. Waters


Evans County School District Family: 

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

Whether you are a returning family or new to the Evans County Schools, we warmly welcome you to this school year.  After almost two years of disruptions due to Covid-19, we are excited about the anticipation of a normal school year. 

Through hard work, commitment, dedication, compromise, and sacrifice our district has almost completed our 5 year strategic plan and goals in the last 4 years.  While many of our goals have been accomplished, we still have work to do.  We chose a motto which  states, "We are Evans County Schools… we expect excellence: no  exceptions, no excuses." Everyday I see that excellence manifests through students'  academic achievements, staff accomplishments,  athletic victories, and community successes.  Here is just a short list of the many great things that have happened in our district.


  • Established a strategic plan and framework

  • Balanced budget 18-19; 19-20; 20-21; 21-22

  • Reduced millage rate from 14.399 to 14 mills (state required); Goal is to remain at 14 mills

  • Financial Award for Excellence in Accounting – 9 years running

  • Established a school-based health clinic

  • GSBA Distinguished BOE

  • Increased state funding

  • Restored local supplements to 4%; Raises for all employees 2019-2020; 2021-2022

  • Established consistent salary schedules based upon degrees and years of experience

  • Converted to Charter System Status - $193,000 in additional funding

  • Retrofitted buses with AC and safety cameras

  • Improved maintenance and facilities procedures; Enhancements to athletic facilities

  • Safety improvements to all schools: classroom cameras, alert system, and three SRO’s in partnership with the City of Claxton

  • Improved food service at CES to increase serving capacity

  • Secured an ESPLOST extension for new CHS (Bond rates = 3.0%, AA Bond rating)

  • Established stakeholder engagement groups:  School Governance Teams (SGTs), 

  • Increased communication efforts:  Facebook, ECSS Phone App, Call-out system, Claxton Enterprise FOCUS features

  • Increased technology integration (Goal is 1:1 devices) and technology support

  • Instructional coaching support for teachers – technology, writing, and data

  • Implemented 7 Mindsets district-wide to address social emotional learning

  • Improve teacher retention; average exceeded the state/national average for the last three years.

  • Established a partnership with the Claxton-Evans Arts and Cultural Authority to restore the 2 story building and Joyne NeSmith auditorium

  • Completed 2016-2021 Facilities plan; adopted 2021-2026 facilities plan to include a new stadium and field at Tiger Town and improve operational efficiencies with other buildings

  • Maintained open schools during COVID-19 pandemic; coordinated vaccine clinics and testing sites through local health partners

Claxton Elementary School:

  • Added parapros to Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd grades

  • Focused support on reading (1st grade showing the highest growth)

  • Increasing student growth in ELA/Math

  • Increased enrichments: Art, Music, Career Exploration, STEM, Culinary Arts, Adaptive PE

  • Complete facilities renovation (secured approx. $1.7 million in state funds)

  • New playground equipment in partnership with Strickland Foundation

Claxton Middle School:

  • Increased enrichments:  Spanish, Art, Music, Chorus, Drama, Career Exploration (6th and 7th), STEM, Basic Agriculture in 8th, 

  • Increased academic opportunities:  9th grade physical science, Algebra I, Health/PE

  • Introduced E-gaming (new GHSA) 

Claxton High School:

  • Increased graduation rate by 14.50 percentage points since 2016-2017:  74.69% (16-17); 81.81% (17-18); 89.62% (18-19); 87.62% (19-20); 89.19% (20-21)

  • 4 EOCTs at/exceeding the state level (19-20)

  • Introduced the Manufacture Ready pathway in conjunction with OTC and Jobs Unlimited; 1st program in the state.  13 graduates

  • Introduced international travel opportunities

  • Increased enrichments:  Art, Guitar, Piano, Chorus, Drama, Audio Visual/Media

  • Increased dual enrollment opportunities; Senate Bill 2 options for graduation; providing transportation 

  • New CHS and College and Career Academy- Construction under budget and on time

  • Secured $3,000,000 in additional funding for the new College and Career Academy

  • Increasing work-based learning (WBL) and apprenticeship opportunities

  • Added a community service graduation requirement and work experience graduation requirement

Second Chance Academy:

  • Established a true alternative school setting

  • Improved graduation rate 

  • Implemented social/emotional support services through Georgia Apex

  • Established the Strickland Student Resource Center in conjunction with the Strickland Foundation

  • Partnering with Coast Plains Charter High School to offer night classes


As we continue our work, it is my heartfelt and deepest honor to lead and serve an excellent school system!!   To our community we pledge to continue  the commitments to be a driving force of positive change.


Martin G. Waters, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools


Evans County Schools: Expecting Excellence…No Exceptions, No Excuses!